Snippets of Life


I had intentions of doing a special post to celebrate 6 months of life in the Philippines. Yet, another month has already gone by, and we’ve now been living here for 7&1/2 months! I thought I would just share some interesting pictures and some shots of our family life. Also featured in some of the pictures are Matt and Sarah Kortus. Matt is about to start his third year at the Protestant Reformed Seminary, and they came out here for him to have an 8-week mini internship. We really enjoyed our time with them.

We celebrated the 4th of July with the Kleyns and Kortus’. Rev Kleyn and Matt went out and got any red, white, and blue things they could find. 🇺🇸
One day, we visited the Manila Ocean Park. It was beautiful – we saw many fish, sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, seals, and more.

Rev H went with Rev Ibe and Matt to Gabaldon, an outreach of the Berean PRCP. He enjoyed the chance to meet the people and observe the work. He even had the opportunity to introduce his family to them in Tagalog. 😊

We keep finding some giant, colorful caterpillars on our plants outside!
Some girls from Provident Christian Church came over one Saturday after catechism to bake cookies. I think the whole batch was consumed the same day. 😄

Gabe started kindergarten! He is loving it so far. ✏️📚

Kirsten and Kiley just celebrated their 4th birthday! 🎈

Charity is 9 months already and growing quickly!

Matt and Sarah’s last night here. As usual, our kids thoroughly enjoyed having guests! They kept calling Matt, “Rev Kortus”. 😉 And that is definitely our prayer for him as he continues his seminary training!