Visit from the Bleyenbergs

We had the privilege of hosting Rev. Heath and Deb Bleyenberg for 2 weeks. They were visiting to get to know the mission field as Rev Bleyenberg considered the call to be the third missionary here. Since then, the Lord led him to decline that call. While we would have been thrilled with an acceptance, we trust in God’s sovereignty, and we will continue to wait on His will. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Rev. and Deb, showing them what life is like in the Philippines.

The 3 reverends, Rev. Heath Bleyenberg, Rev. Daniel Kleyn, Rev. Daniel Holstege.

We all went to Cloud 9 one evening. This is on the bridge up to their 360-degree viewing deck, which has great views of Manila.

The girls kept Mrs. Bleyenberg busy with puzzles, books, coloring, and games. 😊

Our kids seem to enjoy having visitors as much as we do! 💗 (Even though Kiley looks like she doesn’t – camera shy, I guess.)

We did many activities with them, but I don’t always remember to take pictures. Some other things that happened while they were here include a trip to Negros, attending Bible Study at Provident, visits to Bulacan PRCP and Berean PRCP, a trip to Daranak Falls, visiting our Tagalog school, and trying a variety of Filipino food! 

We pray that the Lord will continue to bless the Bleyenbergs as they continue at Providence PRCA, in Michigan. 


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