2 months!

March 12 marked 2 months since we came to the Philippines! It has gone so fast, and I can hardly believe it’s been a month since my last post! I honestly don’t have a whole lot to report. We are slowly getting into some sort of routine, and we can honestly say this is starting to feel like home for us.

Probably the biggest thing that has happened this month is Rev and I started taking Tagalog lessons. Every Tuesday, we drive about 1 hour and 15 minutes to our school in Quezon City. It’s actually a house, the home of the lady who runs the school. The name of the school is His Name SALT (Shem Adonai language training); they mainly teach Christian missionaries. She employs 4 other teachers, all Filipinos. We do a 2 hour session in the morning, have a lunch break, and then do another 2 hour session in the afternoon. It’s mostly one on one teaching, which is good because Rev was already way ahead of me since he had done several months of Rosetta Stone. So far it’s going very well; it’s hard work and our brains usually hurt by the end of the day 🙂 but we can tell it will be very beneficial. I meant to take some pictures this past Tuesday, but forgot, so I don’t have any to show right now. Perhaps another time.

While we are at school, Gabe, Kirsten, and Kiley get to hang out by the Kleyn’s house. They always have a blast doing puzzles, reading books, and doing arts and crafts. Charity comes with us to school and always charms everybody there with her smiles. And sometimes interrupts class with her hunger cries. 🙂 

The only other news I can think of is more the Kleyn’s news. Their niece and nephew, Gwen and Isaac VanBaren, from IL, have been visiting, so we have gotten to do some stuff with them. They are great with kids, and our kids have been loving them! The other night, we had them over for supper, along with the Ibe family – Rev and Melody, and their 3 boys, MJ, LJ, and VJ. We had a wonderful night of fellowship, and it was great for the kids to get to know each other better. 

The whole group at our home. (Minus Rev Kleyn, who was taking the picture.)

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