Visitors from Singapore

This past weekend, we had our first visitors. (Besides my parents, of course.) And I should clarify that they did not stay by us, but were hosted by the Kleyns. Visiting from Singapore was the Lim family, whom we have gotten to know throughout the years from our trip to Singapore in 2012 and seeing some of them a few times in the States. We just saw them for a couple days, but it was still a nice time of fellowship. They arrived Saturday night, joined us at church on Sunday, had supper all together Sunday night, and then took a little trip all together on Monday. Our kids absolutely loved Bernice and Cheryl! They had a blast playing with them. 🙂

On Monday, we drove east to Daranak Falls. It was about an hour drive, and then a short 5-minute hike. It was a beautiful spot! Looked like a fairly popular place too; quite a few people were swimming and climbing. The water was too refreshing to resist, so Rev ended up jumping in for a swim. The kids waded in a more shallow spot, and later Mr. Lim and Bernice jumped in as well. We even dipped little Charity’s toes in…she didn’t seem to mind. 🙂

We grabbed a bite to eat on our way back; we got some Jollibee, which is kind of like the Filipino version of McDonalds. (They do have McDonalds here as well.) After getting back and cleaning up, the Kleyns got the Lims on their way to the airport and they headed home to Singapore. We enjoyed our short time with them, and we definitely look forward to having more visitors! (hint, hint to all of you who have said you would like to visit.)


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